Casio G-Shock – May 2011 | New Releases

Casio has release 11 new G-Shock colorways for May 2011, including 7 with Hyper Colors palettes for G-Shock models G-001, GA-110, and GD-100. On the technical side of the equation, Casio adds AWG-100, AWG-M500 and GW-6900, each with MULTI BAND. All 3 timepieces automatically adjust time accordingly by triangulate radio signals, either from 5 or 6 transmission points, to the nearest atomic clock. Also launching is a Rastafarian themed GLX-6900 designed by Ryan Arakaki, Todd Shimabuku, Jun Jo, and Rhandy Tambio of IN4MATION. The timepiece features a “One Love” holographic imprint on the EL backlighting, a special packaging, and graphical readings of tide schedules. All timepieces are set to launch sequentially over the course of this month.

Image: Freshnessmag


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