Nike – The Chosen

New from Nike is the most artfully done extreme sports video I’ve ever seen entitled “The Chosen.”  Every shot in the video was taken at night and the cinematography is unreal.  According to director Lance Acord, the inspiration for the piece was the question: “How do we take these different riders and make them a part of a band – take what they do and put it on a stage?” The sport/art hybrid film emphasizes that self-expression can be achieved through many different channels including music, sports, painting, graffiti, cinematography and more.

“The Chosen” will get an in-theater launch in 3-D when it breaks nationally in cinemas during the July 4th weekend. The campaign will ultimately be seen in 23 markets including the U.S., China, Brazil, Western Europe and Australia. According to Nike, the centerpiece of the campaign is an extended “film” featuring skateboard legend Paul Rodriguez, Olympic snowboarder Danny Kass and surfing prodigies Julian Wilson and Laura Enever. The campaign features 25 athletes who were filmed over the course of a year at some of the best action spots in the world.


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