ICI Sports – Fusion Project // White Mountaineering + Mastermind + Visvim

Since its establishment in 1964, retailer ICI Sports been the leading supplier of outdoor gear and wear for city dwellers of Tokyo. With “urban mountaineering” trend ever more popular, some of ICI Sports’ former clientele have returned to lend their support on its newest concept, the Fusion Project. With the blurring of genres, ICI Sports enlisted help from 3 top contemporary labels in Tokyo – White Mountaineeringmastermind JAPAN, and visvim, on revising the current outdoor apparel. Each label went on to design a Gore-Tex jacket collection with unique aspects that exemplified themes from their very own line. For White Mountaineering, the first design to be available, its D.C. Raptor Gore-Tex Shell feature a digital camouflage motif, in line with its high tech approach to fashion. With reflective print, the skull and cross bone icon of mastermind JAPANappears to float against the black backdrop of its Gore-Tex jacket. Finally, the artisan-like construction of visvim version, which include a 3L Gore-Tex fabric that is 35% cotton as well.

All 3 jackets from ICI Sports’ Fusion Project with White Mountaineering, mastermind JAPAN, and visvim will be available exclusively at ICI Sports retail locations in Harajuku, Tokyo, and Musashino City.

More Images: Freshness Mag

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