For the Kids

From the archives of John and Tock Costacos, Salon 94 at Freemans presents, For the Kids, a unique art exhibit and pop-up shop featuring rare sports posters from the ’80s. Curated by Fabienne Stephan and Adam Shopkorn, the show serves as a mini-retrospective of early Costacos posters from 1986 through 1990.  The Costacos brothers were able to capture the imagination of sports fans at a time when athletes were becoming pop stars. They made personality posters, marrying pop culture to an athlete and his persona.
In addition to these works, pieces will be presented from Jeff Koons’s first solo exhibition, Equilibrium, the 1985 show that included basketballs floating in display tanks, cast bronze standard scuba diving tanks and framed advertising posters that appropriated imagery contained in Nike advertisements that preceded the earliest Costacos work.  The Nike posters were purchased by Koons with the permission of the manufacturer, and were presented as his own artworks.

Salon 94 Freemans
1 Freeman Alley New York, NY 10002
Jun 23 – Jul 30

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