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Behind the Lens with Jason Goldwatch

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Hypebeast acknowledged talented American music video director Jason Goldwatch yesterday featuring background on some of his most notable videos…beginning with his first ever music video with Aceyalone in 1995. Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Decon, a record label based in NYC,  Jason has worked with many of the most talented musicians out there including Kid Cudi, Pharrell Williams, Linkin Park, Dilated Peoples, Jay-Z, Kanye, Nas and more.  A graduate of Cal Arts, one of the most recognizable aspects of Goldwatch videos is that he credits himself at the beginning of each one.  Take a look at the Hypebeast post here.

New Street King Commercial, Starring Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather & Fifty

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50 Cent has released yet another promotion video for his new Street King Rebel Fuel energy drink. While some of the recent videos have been more purposeful with a plea to  feed starving children, this video is far more humorous. Fifty brings in Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson for their own version of The Hangover. Tyson steals the show. Take a look.

Rihanna – We Found Love

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Pretty cool new Rihanna video.  Take a look.  I’ve also included the making of the video (Part 1 of 3).

Defy – The Danny Harf Project

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BFY Productions presents The Danny Harf Project: Trailer 1 and Trailer 2. Danny is a 4-time X-games gold wake wakeboarding medalist. Film maker Sean Kilgus traveled the globe with Danny and an entire crew over a three year period chasing the most groundbreaking stunts and locations they could find. Based on the pursuit of perfection and filmed with RED, RED EPIC, P2, and Super 16mm, the footage presented is unreal.  Pre-order on Blue Ray today.

Nike – 1948 London Re-Opening

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No stranger to innovative, game-changing retail spaces, Nike helped redefine what it means to open a storefront in the summer of 2008 when it launched 1948 in an abandoned East London railway arch. Part retail space, part creative playground, the 1948 project was designed to celebrate freedom and self-expression through the media of sport and culture – an ode to the 1948 Olympic Games in London that helped to heal a European continent and global environment still recuperating from the terror of World War II. Appropriately, the space has just undergone a massive redesign in preparation for the 2012 Olympics. The new 1948 will not only stock the most exclusive Nike footwear and apparel available, but also serve as a community space as the venerable sportswear brand has encouraged local Londoners to gather at the store for installations, screenings and events.

Nike 1948
Arches 477/478
Batemans Row
United Kingdom

Images: Hypebeast

Sony: Wimbledon as you’ve never seen it before Spot

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Sony and Wimbledon have created a new ad designed to promote their 3D coverage of Wimbledon.  Similar to their original Sony Bravia spot where thousands of bright colored bouncy balls were thrown down the hilly streets of San Francisco, this new ad follows a massive flow of bouncing tennis balls through the quiet English streets of Wimbledon using (CGI). There is even a nod to the frog that appeared in the original commercial. The Wimbledon Finals will be filmed in 3D by Sony and subsequently shown on the BBC HD channel. An online tennis ball hunt is taking place across the Internet, primarily around Facebook, with several prizes up for grab including VIP tickets to the Women’s Final. Everything is pulled together under the slogan ‘Wimbledon, as you’ve never seen it before.’ More information can be seen here.

Nike – The Chosen

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New from Nike is the most artfully done extreme sports video I’ve ever seen entitled “The Chosen.”  Every shot in the video was taken at night and the cinematography is unreal.  According to director Lance Acord, the inspiration for the piece was the question: “How do we take these different riders and make them a part of a band – take what they do and put it on a stage?” The sport/art hybrid film emphasizes that self-expression can be achieved through many different channels including music, sports, painting, graffiti, cinematography and more.

“The Chosen” will get an in-theater launch in 3-D when it breaks nationally in cinemas during the July 4th weekend. The campaign will ultimately be seen in 23 markets including the U.S., China, Brazil, Western Europe and Australia. According to Nike, the centerpiece of the campaign is an extended “film” featuring skateboard legend Paul Rodriguez, Olympic snowboarder Danny Kass and surfing prodigies Julian Wilson and Laura Enever. The campaign features 25 athletes who were filmed over the course of a year at some of the best action spots in the world.